A. Bastardas participa a «Complexity in Language: Developmental and Evolutionary Perspectives»

Albert Bastardas va participar al taller Complexity in Language: Developmental and Evolutionary Perspectives, que es va fer al Collegium de Lyon el 23 i 24 de maig.

Bastardas va presentar-hi la conferència «Complexity in/of language: Bases for a dynamic sociocognitive view», de la qual podeu llegir-ne un resum a continuació. Si voleu més informació de les jornades, cliqueu aquí.

There is no clear and accepted general definition for the term complexity. Several authors and research clusters use this word, but having different conceptual meanings in mind. In Linguistics, some approaches mention ‘complex systems’ in an attempt to put together new formal models, and thus try to apply this
concept to different phenomena which show self-organization and emergence properties. There is also a philosophical-anthropological general ‘complexity’ thinking which is especially
inspiring to sociocultural sciences. My work has been mainly based on the last approach. I have been trying to build a holistic/autonomous and dynamic perspective in order to understand language contact and conflict evolution. This complex multidimensional approach conceives an ecosystem of language which includes brain/mind, social interaction, group, economic, media, and political dimensions. All of these dynamically interpenetrate each other, and, in doing so, co-produce and co-determine language forms, uses, and evolutions. A transdisciplinary ‘sociocomplexity’ perspective based on human co-evolution and hologramic conceptualization, could combine both the computational and philosophical approaches, and be very useful to build a more complete understanding of language, mind, and society.


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