Nou llibre d’Albert Bastardas, Àngels Massip i Gemma Bel: «Complexity Applications in Language and Communication Sciences»

Ja s’ha publicat el llibre Complexity Applications in Language and Communication Sciences (2019), d’Àngels Massip-Bonet, Gemma Bel-Enguix i Albert Bastardas-Boada. L’editorial que el publica, Springer, el descriu com «El primer llibre que aporta contribucions a la lingüística des de la perspectiva dels sistemes complexos».

This book offers insights on the study of natural language as a complex adaptive system. It discusses a new way to tackle the problem of language modeling, and provides clues on how the close relation between natural language and some biological structures can be very fruitful for science. The book examines the theoretical framework and then applies its main principles to various areas of linguistics. It discusses applications in language contact, language change, diachronic linguistics, and the potential enhancement of classical approaches to historical linguistics by means of new methodologies used in physics, biology, and agent systems theory. It shows how studying language evolution and change using computational simulations enables to integrate social structures in the evolution of language, and how this can give rise to a new way to approach sociolinguistics. Finally, it explores applications for discourse analysis, semantics and cognition.

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