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This web is no longer active. You can find us at https://www.ub.edu/cusc/

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The Research Centre for Sociolinguistics and Communication (CUSC) was created in 1998 and brings together researchers from different university departments who carry out research in sociolinguistics and communication. CUSC is located at the University of Barcelona.

CUSC was created with the support of three consolidated research groups: Complexity, Communication and Sociolinguistics Group, Language Acquisition Research Group, and Research Group on Language Variation. CUSC was one of the founding members of the CRUSCAT Network and contributes on a regular basis to the network’s activities.

CUSC develops research projects and provides consultancy services on its areas of expertise. In addition, CUSC organizes research training activities, such as the ALGMSE-Master’s Program and the CUSC training seminars.

CUSC publishes the LSC Journal – Language, Society and Communication, an annual e-journal on topics of social interest, such as language policy in Europe, business communication or language and complexity.

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