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The spirit of Language, Society and Communication (ISNN: 16975928) is to make the work done in the university world available to society so that this work can have a practical effect on it. In accordance with this objective, the journal has published a series of monographs that could be of interest to society and which focus on such issues as the language model of the Spanish Constitution, communication and the business world, foreign language teaching, language policy in the European Union, forensic phonetics, language and medicine, etc.

The journal that we are presenting, which is published annually, contains a series of articles accompanied by abstracts in Catalan, Spanish and English. It also contains press clippings, including items which have appeared in the media and which are related with the central topic of each issue, along with a list of links of interest that can provide more information on what will be read in the journal. LSC can be consulted through its web page and also on paper, once the PDF documents containing the different articles are printed out.

Josefina Carrera-Sabaté
Editor-in-Chief of the journal Language, Society and Communication

Databases: Carhus+, DOAJ, EBSCO, ISOC, Latindex, MIAR, RACO, Rcub, Ulrich’s.